About Our Jewelry

Our Materials 

We use Nickel & Lead-free materials ONLY

Safe even for people who have sensitive skin.

Plated with real 18K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, or Stainless Steel

Each product page lists the specific materials used for that piece (it differs from product to product). If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to check the materials section of the items you want to purchase to ensure that those materials are safe for you, since everyone is allergic to different things.


If the skin where your jewelry touches becomes:



Breaks out in a rash

You're probably allergic to it! Most jewelry allergies are caused by cheap and impure metals. But don't worry - many people are allergic to cheap metals. The most common jewelry allergy is to Nickel. Almost 15% of the population is allergic to it!

Thankfully all of our pieces are Nickel-free.

Jewelry For Sensitive Skin

Many think that you need to purchase solid gold jewelry pieces if you want to avoid an allergic reaction - this is a total myth! Virtually no jewelry is made from pure gold since gold must be mixed with other materials to make it stronger without losing its shine.

The key is to wear pieces that are made from more gold than other metal alloys like Nickel. Pure gold is 24K, which means it is made from 24 parts of gold. 14K gold is made from 14 parts gold, 10 parts other metals. Higher karat = less nickel.

Even if you wear 14K Gold plated jewelry, you’ll still be able to eliminate your rash even though it's not solid gold.